EU RoHs Exemptions: 12 New EU RoHS Annex III Exemption Updates Announced


March 8, 2022 | Written by GreenSoft Technology, Inc.

12 New EU RoHS Annex III Exemption Updates Announced



EU RoHS Annex III exemptions list updated with 12 changes to exemptions involving Mercury in lamps

On February 24, the European Commission announced updates for twelve Annex III exemptions under the EU RoHS Directive.

All twelve impacted exemptions apply to various forms of Mercury; specifically, to Mercury usage in lamps.

The updates are effective March 16, 2022. The new expiration dates for these exemptions range from February 24, 2023 at the earliest to February 24, 2027 at the latest.

Updated EU RoHS Exemptions List available to download

GreenSoft maintains a compiled list of the EU RoHS Exemptions in order to perform EU RoHS Data Services for our customers and to keep our GreenData Manager software up-to-date. We also make this list available online to the public for your convenience and reference.

Our compiled EU RoHS Exemptions List has been updated to include these twelve new exemption updates. You can download the updated EU RoHS Exemptions List here.

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